I was going to read a version of this, along with a finance report, at the December LSB meeting. But due to the usual internal Pacifica politics, the LSB never got to a finance committee report. I’ll skip any financial report and what I will say now is that I am resigning from the Finance Committee as of today.

It is clear the LSB and those LSB gatekeepers on this committee do not take its responsibility to oversee KPFK’s finances seriously. KPFK did not become the worst station in the network overnight. It is not because of Covid. It is because of the total lack of oversight of the finances by the LSB in general and the FC in particular for the last five years.

Before the last LSB meeting, I asked Fred Blair if he would step aside as Treasurer and let me be Treasurer this year. I said at this critical point, KPFK needs someone who really…

Kim Kaufman

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